Netflix app fails to load on Samsung TVs

This is a known issue with Samsung TVs. It happens because the version of Netflix you are using is not compatible with the version of Smart HUB (Netflix was not intended to run on local versions of the smart hub software).

The only thing that appears to have worked for some of our customers is:

  1. Set the smart hub country to a country that does not have Netflix e.g. Singapore (to remove the app)
  2. Then set it to the UK or Australia (to install an older version of the Netflix app)
  3. Then configure Smart Hub not to auto update apps (as per

If this doesn't work, unfortunately there is not much that we can do about it as it's a software problem on the TV itself. Hopefully, Samsung will fix the issue in a future software release.

This more detailed process has also worked for some users:

  1. Go to your Smart Hub and DISABLE "Auto Update Apps". Then Close Smart Hub and go to TV Source.
  2. Go to Menu -> System -> Setup -> Enter your PIN.
  3. Go through the Setup Process until you get to the Terms & Conditions Screen.
  4. This is for 2013 Models: Hit this Sequence on your remote: Mute, Return, Vol Up, Channel Up, Mute.
  5. Select a Country that does not support Netflix (e.g. Australia).
  6. Finish the Setup.
  7. Open Smart Hub ... It will uninstall all apps and reinstall the Australian ones (No Netflix).
    *(Open it all the way up until you're on the blue screen with the apps that come standard & recommended.)
  8. Repeat Steps 2-4.
  9. This time select United Kingdom as a Country and finish the Setup.
  10. Open Smart Hub and it will install Netflix from the UK Store. Run Netflix to ensure it works OK.

Optional steps below if you want US apps instead of UK apps on your TV.

  1. Repeat steps 2-4 again.
  2. Now you can select USA and finish the setup once again.
  3. When you open the Smart Hub now all the UK Apps will be removed and replaced with the US ones. However, Netflix will be untouched and you will still have the UK App but access to the US content.
  4. Make sure that Auto App Update is disable and DON'T update Netflix or you have to go through that whole process again.

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