Can I update my IP address automatically?

You sure can. There are several ways to do this, each listed below.

Browser Bookmark URL

You can simply bookmark the following URL in your favorite web browser. Then, every time you need to update your IP address, just open the bookmark. No logging in or clicking buttons required. This URL is also available on the 'IP Address' page after you log into your Getflix account.

You need to get your API key from the 'Advanced' section under your Getflix account. Simply build the URL above by substituting the PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE text with your API key.

Dynamic DNS

If you use a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service such as DynDNS or No-IP, you can enter your domain name on our Manage -> IP Address page. We will check your domain every 5 minutes, and if your IP address has changed, we will update it in our system automatically.

If you want to use this feature, you need to make sure your router supports DDNS, and you will need an account with a DDNS provider. DynDNS and No-IP both offer free accounts.

Task Scheduler (Windows)

Note: The Getflix Windows app coming soon!

Download curl for Windows here:

To automate IP address updates in Windows, create a batch file (getflixcheckip.bat) with the following...


Then set the Task Scheduler to start one minute delay after start-up, then to run every 15 minutes. Set the User to run as "System".


Download the Getflix Mac app. OSX 10.10 or newer required.

Cron Job (Routers, Linux)

Using a cron job to call curl, you can query our API periodically to update your IP address. Check out our API Resource: IP Addresses article for more information. An example cron job entry would look something like this (this updates your IP address every 5 minutes):

*/5 * * * * curl -u PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE:x -X PUT<br>You need to get your API key from the 'Advanced' section under your Getflix account. Substitute the PUT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE text with your API key.

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