DD-WRT Auto IP Update For Getflix DNS

You may be using DD-WRT router and want to update your IP address automatically in Getflix SmartDNS network. With the following instructions, your dd-wrt router will check your IP address automatically and send it to your Getflix SmartDNS account and update.

We would like to thank you Khalid Chughtai for his support on this article.

Please use following to update your ip address automatically by your dd-wrt router:

1- Select Setup > DDNS
2- On DDNS tab select custom .
3- On DYNDNS Server add www.getflix.com.au.
4- On usename enter "dot", on password add "dot"
5- On Hostname add aa.bb.cc
6- On Additional DDNS Options add following

--dyndns_system custom@http_svr_basic_auth
--dyndns_server_name www.getflix.com.au
--dyndns_server_url /api/helper/ip-address/XXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX?garbage= --verbose 5

*** XXXXXXXXXX >> This is your Unique IP Update link code provided in your Getflix > Management > IP Address. Make sure to change this with your own code
7- Do not use external IP check say No
8- Force update interval set as 1.
9- Save and apply settings.
10- In DDNS status box message will come as IP updated.

Now your dd-wrt router will check and update your IP automatically every time your router gets a new IP from your ISP minutes.

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