DNS-over-VPN: Android Devices

This article will explain how to set up our DNS-over-VPN feature on an Android device.

Important note: This method has become obsolete and may not be fully secure so it may not work in all cases. We're looking for a new solution based on more secure protocols. Once found, it will be put on our website.

Note: Different versions of Android devices have different steps, try to find fields mentioned in these instructions even if you don't see the exact names described here.

Before you begin, use the web browser on your Android device to log into your Getflix account and ensure your IP address is registered (and that the IP address status check passes). You will only be able to connect to our VPN servers if your IP address is registered.

Note: If you are using a 3G/4G connection to access Getflix, your IP address may change frequently. You will need to access the Getflix website from your Android device each time before connecting to the VPN.

Step 1

Go to  Wireless and network settings page and tap the More... item. 

Step 2

Tap on  VPN then tap Add VPN Network or the + button.

Step 3

Using a web browser, navigate to the " Setup" section on the Getflix website. Locate your closest "VPN Enabled" DNS server.

  • Set the Name to something like "Getflix DNS VPN".
  • Set the Type to "PPTP".
  • In the Server address box, enter the address of your closest "VPN Enabled" DNS server.
  • In the Forwarding routes box, enter - optionally, you can also enter (put a space between each entry). 

Tap on "Save" to continue.

Step 4 

Using a web browser, navigate to the " VPN" section in your Getflix account. Then, using the details on that page, fill out the form as follows:

  • In the Username box, enter the value displayed next to "VPN Username".
  • In the Password box, enter the value displayed next to "VPN Password".
  • Check Save account information.

Go ahead and connect to the VPN.

Step 5

You can disconnect and connect to the VPN at any time from this screen.


There are several reasons that the VPN connection will fail. Here are some things to check.

  • Ensure that your IP address is registered on the Getflix website.
  • Ensure that no other device is connected to our VPN using your account, only 1 concurrent VPN connection per account is permitted.

If the VPN connection still fails, please log a ticket with our support team for assistance.

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