Full VPN Setup For MAC OS: OpenVPN

Below, you will find MAC OS OpenVPN setup instructions for #Getflix #FullVPN network. 

OpenVPN Setup Instructions for MAC OX - Getflix FullVPN

Ubuntu Network-Manager OpenVPN Setup Guide for Getflix FullVPN


Download Tunnelblick from: http://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/wiki/DownloadsEntry?tm=2


Install Tunnelblick by following the on-screen instructions:


Launch Tunnelblick


When the installation is finished,  Click Quit.


Now Click Here to Download Config Files for older versions for Getflix FullVPN Network or
Click Here to Download Config Files for versions 2.6 and above for Getflix FullVPN Network.


Extract the file you downloaded.
 File name should be like Getflix-OpenVPN.zip.

Click the desired port-protocol directory. If that protocol port is blocked on your network, you can always choose another one and try again.  We suggest using OpenVPN UDP ports first for connecting to servers.

Now, Select the Country/City of the OpenVPN Server Network you would like to get connected to and double-click it.

Config file will start the Tunnelblick application.  Accept to open the Tunnelblick.

When you are prompted to install configuration for all users? Click All Users.

Your Mac might ask you the mac login password to allow installation depending of your mac security preference.

You might be prompted to check your IP after VPN connection.  You can click Check for a change or Do not check for a change depending on your preference.


Once the Tunnelblick configuration is applied, you can click on the Tunnelblick icon on your top right side of the taskbar.  Click on Tunnelblick and Select the VPN Network you would like to get connected to.

You will be prompted to enter your VPN account Username and Password. If you don't remember your VPN account credentials, navigate to the Your Getflix Management Console FullVPN sectionMake sure to ENABLE your FullVPN below the page.

Enter your VPN account username and password. Make sure to select "Save in Keychain" so you won't need to enter this information again in the future.

You are now connected and all your internet traffic is Encrypted & Secured!

How to add more locations to Tunnelblick?

You can add more locations to Tunnelblick screen so that you can choose anyone to connect anytime. In order to do this:  

1. Close Tunnelblick

2. Open your Getflix OpenVPN Config File folder.

3. Select the Getflix OpenVPN location you like to add to tunnelblick and double-click it. 

Tunnelblick will load and add the new config as well.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the setup and need assistance, please contact our 24/7 support team here: https://www.getflix.com.au/support

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