Full VPN Setup For iOS: OpenVPN Protocol

This article explains how to set up OpenVPN protocol connection on Apple iOS Devices.

Before we begin, you need to Activate your VPN account from your Getflix > Manage > VPN panel. In order to do this, log into your https://www.getflix.com.au/manage/vpn

Setting up your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) for OpenVPN Protocol:

1. Install "OpenVPN connect" app from App Store.

2. Click Here to download Config Files for older versions or
Click Here to download Config Files for versions 2.6 and above
on your iOS device and extract the file you downloaded. (e.g. use iZip app for this task)

3. Select ".ovpn profile and open it in "OpenVPN Connect".

4. In "OpenVPN Connect" click "+" button.

5. Type your username and password. Then connect to server.

6. Check you public IP address on www.whatismyipaddress.com

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