Full VPN Setup For Windows 10: L2TP Protocol

This article explains how to set up L2TP VPN protocol connection on a Windows 10 PC.

Before we begin, you need to Activate your VPN account from your Getflix > Manage > VPN panel. In order to do this, log into https://www.getflix.com.au/manage/vpn and turn Full VPN On. 
Setting up your Windows 10 PC for VPN:
Click on the Windows Search (Windows key+ Q)  and type "vpn settings" in the search box. When the results appear, click on the "Add a VPN Connection" button.

1. For VPN provider, choose Windows (built-in).
2. In the Connection name box, enter a name you'll recognize (for example, Getflix Los Angeles ). 
3. In the Server name or address box, enter the address for the VPN server.
List of available locations is here:
4. For VPN type, choose "L2TP/Ipsec with pre-shared key".
5. For Pre-shared Key entry:
6. For Type of sign-in info, select "User name and password".
7. For User name and Password, you need to check your personal account data on Getflix website. 
 Using a web browser, navigate to the "Manage > VPN" section in your Getflix Management Console. Then, using the details on that page, fill out the form as follows:
    In the User name box, enter the value displayed next to "VPN Username".
    In the Password box, enter the value displayed next to "VPN Password".
Example for LA VPN:

8. Then click Save button.
1. After that, you have to set up a VPN connection, go to Status on the VPN menu:

2. Then go to "Change adapter options" under Advanced network settings:

3. Find your created connection (in our example - "Getflix Los Angeles") and right click on it to activate popup menu and choose Properties :

4. Select "Security" tab and check "Allow these protocols" and MS-CHAP v2: 

5. Confirm your changes by pressing OK.
Go back to VPN status settings in Windows 10.
Select prepared connection (in our example - "Getflix Los Angeles") in the VPN menu list and click Connect button.

You are now connected and all your internet traffic is Encrypted & Secured!

There are several reasons that the VPN connection will fail. Here are some things to check. 
L2TP protocol might be blocked in your Internet Service Provider connection. Set up the SSTP VPN connection. SSTP uses port 443 and it's not possible to be blocked by ISPs. SSTP also provides better encryption but it's little slower. SSTP is not supported by every Getflix VPN server. So please make sure to select proper server in your setup.
If the VPN connection still fails, please log a ticket with our support team for assistance.

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