Getflix VPN App for Windows

Our Getflix VPN network allows you to encrypt all your internet traffic and become secure from prying eyes like governments, internet service providers, or hackers. All our Getflix VPN network locations have SmartVPN capability and provide you access to 500+ of streaming services from any location. Therefore, you can connect to the physically closest network to your location and experience the best possible encrypted VPN speeds while streaming your favorite channels, all at the same time.

All our networks are on 10GE port speeds.

You can download the Getflix VPN App for Windows here:

In order to use our VPN network, you need to TURN ON and activate your FULL VPN in your Getflix Dashboard / VPN section here:

You will find your VPN username and password on this page!

We will also keep updating this new app every month for any bugs or issues that might occur. If you experience any issues or need any further functions, please open a ticket with our team, and our VPN engineers will add these features in the future.

We appreciate your patience while we keep improving it.

Features of our Getflix VPN App for Windows


Our SmartVPN network locations are all optimized for the best streaming experience while they encrypt your internet traffic. You can physically connect the closest server to your location and access most of our SmartDNS streaming channels. You don't need to activate your IP address in your Getflix account when you connect to our SmartVPN network.


Our Torrent allowed network servers are safe to run Torrent/P2P applications. So you are safe from your ISP notifications when you are torrenting.

Auto Start

This option runs our Getflix VPN application automatically when your Windows starts.

Auto Reconnect 

This option automatically connects to the last connected server location when your app starts. Also, when your VPN connection gets disconnected for any reason, our VPN app will automatically reconnect.

Kill Switch (Beta)

Kill switch automatically monitors your network traffic, and if the app notices any VPN disconnections for any reason, it kills all your windows internet traffic. So no traffic goes directly through your local ISP to keep you safe. You need to reconnect to our VPN network to get access to the internet. Remember to turn off this function and save settings if you don't want the kill switch running.

Prevent DNS Leak (Beta)

This option runs in the background, and if your computer tries to reach your local ISP DNS, it blocks it and redirects DNS traffic to the VPN server DNS for your security. So your ISP can not see which domains you are querying.

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