DNS-over-VPN: Using Getflix with 3G/4G connections


You can use the Getflix DNS-over-VPN feature to use our DNS servers on an iPhone, iPad or Android device using a 3G/4G connection.

It's not possible to change the DNS settings for 3G/4G connections on these devices, however, DNS-over-VPN gets around this by connecting your device directly to our DNS servers using a VPN.

Once connected, you can unblock any of our supported channels. Be aware that streaming services can consume lots of data, so ensure you have enough data allowance with your 3G/4G service.

Getting Started

To get started, follow the setup guides for iPhone, iPad or Android. Once the VPN has been setup on your device, follow this procedure each time you want to connect:

  1. Connect your device to 3G/4G (e.g. turn off Wi-Fi)
  2. Using the browser on your device, activate your IP address on the Getflix website (the IP address status test should then pass, but the DNS test will fail)
  3. Connect to the VPN on your device
  4. The DNS test should now pass and services should be unblocked

Please, let our support team know if you encounter any issues.

Known Issues

Some service providers are known not to work due to the way they connect your device to the Internet. Some service providers use proxies and load balancers in their network which interferes with how Getflix operates.

Australia - Working

  • Telstra
  • Bigpond Mobile Broadband
  • Optus
  • Other providers that use the Optus network (such as Virgin)

Australia - Not Working

  • Vodafone AU (uses load balancers) - if you can change the APN on your device, use "vfinternet.au" for direct access to the Internet, Getflix will then work!

New Zealand

  • TBA

Please let our support team know if the Getflix DNS-over-VPN feature works (or doesn't work) with your service provider!

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